The Five-Minute Capital Campaign


Have you ever tried to put together a piece of furniture by just “winging it”?

If you’re like me, I bet the process of just “winging it” hasn’t worked out very well for you, or that piece of furniture. You end up feeling frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed because that TV stand you are putting together looks nothing like the picture on the box.

Sadly, so many churches approach capital campaigns the same way - they just “wing it”, and so often overlook the reality that there is a biblical process to raising funds in the church.

If you haven’t gone through our video course, The Five-Minute Capital Campaign, you need to. It teaches this biblical process (from 1 Chronicles 28-29) in four short, digestible videos that are each 5 minutes long.

If you want to learn the PROCESS for how to raise funds in the church, check out The Five-Minute Capital Campaign today!

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