7 Systems that Can Help Your Church Increase Regular Giving

How to Increase Regular Giving - Video

We've never met a pastor or church leader who didn’t want to find a way to increase regular, weekly giving at their church.

Unfortunately, we’ve only met a few who have actually figured out how to consistently and continually do this.

In every church excelling in this area, our team has noticed seven things they are doing well, and in turn, are leading to a constant INCREASE in giving. 

Recently, our team sat down and recorded a quick 24-minute teaching on the 7 Systems Every Church Needs To Increase Regular Giving.

We know how challenging it can be to get people to give on a regular basis.

However, it is a challenge worth fighting for because when they give, their faith in God grows and your church’s mission and vision expands. 

So, in an effort to give you wisdom from other churches who are excelling in this area, check out this video teaching on How to Increase Regular Giving.  

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